Mini Hypnoke III

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Mini Hypnoke III is small, lightweight (4 kgs) and built into its protective flight case to make setting up and operating as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Completely portable, this 'go anywhere' system, works on 240V mains or around 15 hours on the supplied rechargeable batteries. Batteries can be recharged around 300 times.

The unit is hand-built in England with circuitry designed by an internationally renowned electronics specialist. This means you are buying a high quality product backed up with Hypnoke International’s proven 17 years experience and service guarantee. Many hundreds of therapists use Hypnoke equipment.


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The Mini Hypnoke III comes with two pairs of high quality headsets with microphones attached (so you can speak 'hands free'), 3m client headset extension cable,  4 x 2000 mAh AA Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries, battery charger, mains cable, instruction manual and Colours Vol 1 with music licence (worth £34.99 on it’s own). The kit comes with a one year guarantee ands also includes three audio leads for playing music into the system and recording out to a PC/Mac or audio recorder.


Price is £397.00 including free delivery within the UK (excluding Northern Ireland). Buy Colours Vol.2 with music licence included in the kit for an extra £25.00 (normally £34.99). Call us today. 

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