Mini Hypnoke III

Here are a few sample testimonials...

Mini Hypnoke III Testimonials

“This is a beautifully manufactured and professional piece of equipment. Ease of use, sound quality, the ability to mix voice and music for professional quality recording - it’s all here and fully supported by a manual which clearly explains absolutely everything. In my opinion, audio equipment is a ‘must have’ for the professional therapist and the ‘Mini Hypnoke’ is a great buy.”

Terence Watts, Chair and Founder of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy


“The Mini Hypnoke is a splendid machine - a most excellent fusion of function and style. Quite apart from the sound quality, which is superb, the attention to detail in the manufacture and the precision with which the user manual guides you every step of the way is exemplary. It will literally add a new dimension to a therapist’s work and consequently, the GHR is most pleased to endorse it.”

William Broom (Chief Executive and Registrar,The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and GHR)


"The new Mini Hypnoke is in a class of its own. Every statement made about the quality and performance of the System is true. The  versatility of the equipment is superb and the recordings I have  made directly to my Sony CD recorder have been excellent. In short, a quality piece of equipment."

George S (Hypnotherapist, Scotland)*


“I already had recording software on my computer but had totally failed to get to grips with it.  As with all the Hypnoke instructions, they are brilliantly simple to follow.” 

Claire M (Hypnotherapist, Surrey)*


"The Mini is fantastically easy to use, and coming from me, that's saying something!"

Diana T (Hypnotherapist, Herts)*


“Beautiful sound quality -  the System is great for sessions and recording, with very easy to follow instructions.”

Chris M (Hypnotherapist, Suffolk)*

Hypnoke DRS sample testimonials

“This excellent unit will undoubtedly raise the delivery of service to your clients to new heights, no matter what your current level of experience and expertise may be.”
William Broom (CEO, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & GHR)

“The Hypnoke Mini Recorder kit is nicely made, fits well in the hand, has ease of basic use, high quality recording and many recording options. An excellent piece of kit for any therapist who wants to record their sessions, or make professional sounding CDs. Buy one soon!”
Terence Watts (Chairman, Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy)

“So good is this kit, and Hypnoke International’s attention to detail, that it is hard to fault it. The System raises the bar even higher than previous models on the market; its broadcast quality, versatility, ease of use and portability make it a unit that will grow with you - whatever your professional recording needs.”
Rob Woodgate, Editor, The Hypnotherapy Journal (Issue 4, Vol 9 - Winter 2009)   

“An excellent piece of kit which is easy to use and straight forward to set up. The quality of the recording is fantastic and includes everything you need to make professional sounding CD recordings for your clients. Great!”
ZS (Hypnotherapist, Essex)*

“The kit’s fabulous - it’s easy to set-up and the client feedback is good. The instructions are very straight forward to follow and the multi-track facility is great; I can add music and sound effects in the background to play during the session. Brilliant!”
SC (Hypnotherapist, Northampton)*

“The Hypnoke Digital Recording System does absolutely everything I want. There’s nothing I can fault with it. Top quality and very clear sound.”
PS (Hypnotherapist, Worcester)*
“I’m very happy with the Hypnoke Digital Recording System and I use it all the time with my clients. It’s handy and portable and great for home visits.”
SC (Hypnotherapist, Kilmarnock)*
“The System is very good indeed. Easy to use and well above the quality I anticipated. I would recommend it to other therapists.”
GG (Hypnotherapist, London)*

“The quality is fantastic. I’m really happy with the kit.”
DF (Hypnotherapist, Devon)*


"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Hypnoke DRS.  The feedback from all my hypnotherapy clients has been positive.  Many thanks for a great piece of kit and you really don't need to be a techno geek to understand how to use it."

AT (Hypnotherapist, York)*


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