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These remarkable, top selling relaxation CDs are sold with a music usage licence, allowing you, the therapist, to make commercial use of these excellent recordings. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for details of Licence. The albums are produced and mastered to the highest standards at Hypnoke International’s Recording Studios.

Each album has 3 tracks lasting a total of 1 hour, at 60 beats per minute, providing you with some of the most sensuous, meditative and spiritually uplifting relaxation music you will probably hear anywhere.


Professional film composer Paul Honey has created music that transports you into a world where the stresses and tensions of everyday life disappear.

Whether for relaxation, recording purposes or client sessions, forget everything for an hour or so, with COLOURS Vol 1 and 2, as they create a wonderful world of calm, peace and tranquillity.
Colours Vols 1 and Vol 2 relaxation music are sold with a music usage licence that allows you to legally record and distribute up to 50 copies of your own CD’s. Listen to the MP3 samples below.

Price: £34.99 each or both together for £64.99 (including VAT and free delivery)


Colours MP3 samples
(Wear headphones for best effect)

Colours Vol 1

Click to here for T1 Whisper (A)

Click to here for T1 Whisper (B)

Click to here for T1 Whisper (C)

Click to here for T2 Weightless (A)

Click to here for T2 Weightless (B)

Click to here for T3 Renewal (A)

Click to here for T3 Renewal (B)

Click to here for T3 Renewal (C)

Colours Vol 2

Click to here for T1 Falling (A)

Click to here for T2 Reverie (B)

Click to here for T3 Shizuka (C)

Colours Testimonials

“Just wanted to let you know this is by far the best hypnosis music I have ever used. It is classy, well composed, entrancing and beautiful to listen to. I don’t use any other music now.”
Mark Bailey (hypnotherapist)

“An hour or so of relaxation and stress relief!  A wonderfully uplifting and calming soundtrack to accompany your experience of relaxation, whether that be meditation, hypnosis, yoga or working with a client.  Or maybe useful to just drift off to sleep after a hectic day. One of the Stress Management Society's most popular and best selling CD's and sought by both practitioners and individuals alike.”
Neil Shah (Stress Management Society)

“I have used the Colours Relaxation CD series extensively both in applied practice and as a teaching tool. The tracks are impeccably well constructed and conform to all of the scientific criteria pertaining to the relaxing and sedative qualities of music. I would thoroughly recommend this product to fellow practitioners - your clients will love it!”
Dr Costas Karageorghis
Reader in Sport Psychology, Brunel University, UK
Leading researcher on the psychophysical effects of music
 “Music is an essential tool for me, working as a hypnotherapist and trainer. Rarely do I come across exceptional music, but the Colours CDs are truly awesome, creating a gentle spiritual experience of physical sensations. When used in meditation you are transported to where you need to be and when used with clients they very quickly relax into the session.”
Andrew Robertson (hypnotherapist)

“The Colours albums have been in my CD player constantly, and they haven’t come out since last year! I find it relaxes me and my clients brilliantly, and it’s great for recording. I would recommend these albums to any therapist.”
Joe Keaney (Trainer, Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Ireland)


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